HReRAM: A Hybrid Reconfigurable Resistive Random-Access Memory

Abstract: The destructive readout and reduced endurance of the complementary resistive switch (CRS) render it unattractive as a candidate for next-generation crossbar-based non-volatile memories. In this work we exploit the observed dual memristive/CRS behavior and the locality of reference of memory accesses to present HReRAM, a hybrid reconfigurable ReRAM. Our simulations show that HReRAM offers an average power reduction of up to 7x from a memristive-only baseline with a close-to-optimal endurance.

Bio: Miguel Lastras received his B.S. and M.S. in Engineering Physics and Applied Sciences from the Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, Mexico. He received in 2012 a M.S. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara where he is currently a PhD candidate. Among others, his interests include the architectural development and organization of novel resistive crossbar-based memories and its use in 3D-IC systems.