Enhancing the Average Lifetime of Flash Memory by Lattice-Based WOM Codes

Abstract: Non-binary write-once memory (WOM) codes can be used to enhance the lifetime of multi-level flash memories by con- straining unidirectional change of cell levels. We study the average number of writes before an erase is required, assuming on each write the input alphabet is fixed and the cell levels can only increase. We formulate the problem as a labeling problem on integer lattices and present three different and useful techniques, from most theoretical to most practical, to solve the problem.

Bio: Bing Fan is a Ph.D. student in the ECE department at University of California, San Diego. She joined Prof. Paul H. Siegel's group in 2012. She's interested in coding theory, signal processing, and their applications in the next generation storage systems. She has received an M.S. from UCSD and a B.S. degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.