Modelling of the Threshold Voltage Distributions of Sub-20nm NAND Flash Memory

Abstract: An accurate model of the flash readback signal is an indispensable tool when designing advanced signal processing and error-correction algorithms. In this presentation we will describe a new model for the threshold voltage distributions of MLC flash memory cells that captures all wear-out effects that occur under extreme program/erase cycling conditions. Accurate fitting is demonstrated using experimental data from 1x-nm devices.

Bio: Thomas received his BSc and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Warwick, UK. In 2007, he co-founded Siglead Europe, a UK-limited subsidiary of Yokohama-based Siglead Inc. developing signal processing and coding algorithms for HDD, Flash and emerging storage technologies. In 2013, Thomas joined the Nonvolatile Memory Systems group at IBM Research - Zurich where he is developing advanced controller technology for the next-generation of IBM FlashSystem(TM) products.