Persistency programming 101

Abstract: Future systems are expected to have byte-addressable non-volatile memories (NVMs) attached to the memory bus. Such systems enable the construction of high performing, in-memory, recoverable data structures. Pelley, Chen and Wenisch introduce persistency models to reason about and order writes to NVM. We introduce notation to concisely and precisely define the models. We show coding patterns to illustrate how to leverage persistency models to achieve the desired order of writes.

Bio: Aasheesh Kolli is a fourth year PhD student at the University of Michigan and works with Prof. Thomas Wenisch and Prof. Peter Chen. He received his bachelors degree from BITS-Pilani, India and has previously interned at ARM, Cambridge. His research interests are focussed around adaptation of non-volatile memories into future computer systems, Mainly the programming interfaces and architecture of such systems.