Block-Level I/O Characteristics of Smartphone Applications and Their Implications for eMMC Design

Abstract: To understand block-level I/O characteristics and their implications on eMMC design, we collect and analyze block level I/O traces from 18 common applications. We observe some I/O characteristics and conduct a case study to demonstrate how to apply an implication to optimize eMMC design. We propose to use a small portion of MLC flash in an eMMC device in the faster SLC mode so that the formed SLC partition can quickly serve the large amount of small requests.

Bio: I am a PhD student of computational science research center (CSRC) advised by Dr. Tao Xie in San Diego State University. I obtained my M.S degree of computer science in University of Science and Technology of China in 2012 and B.E. of software engineering in Dalian University of Technology in 2009. My research mainly focus on storage system design and optimization, especially on software layers and I/O stack optimization for low latency storage system.