A Reliable and Highly-Available Non-Volatile Memory System

Abstract: Next-generation non-volatile memories can attach directly to processors to form non-volatile main memory (NVMM) and offer the opportunity to build very low latency storage systems. However, providing reliability and availability to NVMM is challenging, since the latency of data replication can squander the low latency that NVMM can provide. We propose Mojim, a system that provides the reliability and availability that large-scale storage systems require, while preserving the performance of NVMM.

Bio: Jian is a PhD student at UC San Diego. He is working under the supervision of Prof. Steven Swanson. He joined the Non-volatile Systems Laboratory (nvsl.ucsd.edu) in 2013. His research interest is mainly in non-volatile main memory and virtualization. He received his B.Eng in software engineering from Fudan University in 2013, and worked as a research intern at HGST in summer 2014.