A 12 MHz, Sub Microamps Leakage and Low Active Power 64KB FRAM With Novel Design Techniques

Abstract: A 130nm 64KB low power Ferroelectric RAM is demonstrated which is designed for ultra low active power (less than 300uA @ 1Mhz) and fast access time (12Mhz). Using low leakage device, this 64KB FRAM has been able to achieve standby current under 5uA. Use of the low leakage device made meeting faster access times much more difficult, therefore a unique architecture and a distinct word line (WL) driver scheme is used to overcome the difficulty.

Bio: Subir Chowdhury has been working as a Senior Design Engineer at Texas Instruments Ferro Electric memory MCU division for last 3 years where the team is developing FRAM IP for Microcontrollers. After getting his Masters from Arizona State, Subir worked in Freescale Semiconductor and Texas Instruments for 14 years mainly in memory division specializing Non volatile memory. He has patents and papers related to Non volatile memory to his credit.