Utilizing Retired Pages for Improved Write Capacity of Solid State Drives

Abstract: In Flash memory, whenever desired data cannot be written to its current page, the page is retired for erasure. We observe that a retired page can still be used for writing other data, and present Retired Page Utilization (RPU): we keep a small pool of extra (retired or erased) pages; if a page cannot be written in place, but the data can be written in one of the pool pages,the old page joins the pool and the new one leaves it.Simulation results show that RPU can nearly double the write capacity.

Bio: Amit Berman is a Ph.D candidate at the EE Dept., Technion. He is a recipient of several awards, including Hershel Rich Technion Innovation award, HPI fellowship and Intel research award. He held engineering and management positions at Intel and Saifun (acquired by Spansion) during 2003-2009. He authored several international publications in the field of memory systems and computer architecture and holds several pending US patents.