Inter-cell Interference Free Codes for Read/Write in Flash Memories

Abstract: Inter-cell interference (ICI) is one of the most disadvantageous phenomena that limit the precision of flash memory programming. Due to ICI, the cell-level might increase unexpectedly if its neighboring cells are programmed. Severe ICI happens when 3 consecutive cells are programmed as 101, where the level of the middle cell might be mistakenly increased such that it is decoded as a 1. To mitigate the ICI in read/write cycles, we study the ICI-free codes that avoid the appearance of 101.

Bio: I am a 4th-year Ph.D. candidate in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UCSD, where I am also associated with the Center for Magnetic Recording Research (CMRR). My research involves error-correction codes, modulation codes, and algorithm design for non-volatile memories. I am also interested in the applications of polar codes in real world systems.