Progress in Development and Commercialization of Magnetoresistive RAM

Abstract: MRAM technology enables high-performance RAM functionality with nonvolatility. Toggle MRAM from Everspin Technologies is used in a variety of areas, including data storage and industrial automation. Developments in MTJ materials and spin-torque-transfer have stimulated a global race to develop higher density MRAM devices. Key properties for fully-functional spin-torque MRAM, technical challenges for extreme scaling, and results from a new Everspin 64Mb, DDR3 ST-MRAM device are presented.

Bio: Jon directs spin-torque MRAM R&D for Everspin Technologies. Previously, he was manager of MRAM Process and Magnetic Materials for Freescale, where his team was responsible for developing magnetic materials and processes used to bring the first MRAM to volume production in 2006. Jon’s technical contributions have resulted in 40 issued patents and over 90 publications. He was named a Freescale Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff and received the Motorola Distinguished Innovator Award.